VCPD has six workgroups:


Purpose: To oversee the management of VCPD Activities, plan and conduct monthly teleconferences and quarterly face-to-face meetings, develop the partnership agreement, secure continued funding, and maintain communication with state level agencies and organizations providing professional development

Members: Sandy Wilberger (convener), Mark Allan, Laurel Aparicio, Deana Buck, Bethany Geldmaker, Kathy Gillikin, Bonnie Grifa, Dawn Hendricks, Cori Hill, Aleta Lawson, Peggy Watkins


Quality Assurance

Purpose: To develop standards and indicators of quality professional development

Members:  Stephanie Daniel and Donna Liberman (conveners),  Kathy Gillikin, Cori Hill,  Sakina Jackson, Christine John, Kris Meyers, Jackie Robinson Brock


Higher Education

Purpose: To support preservice personnel reparation through Virginia’s colleges and universities. 

Members: Jaye Harvey (convener),  Glenn Buck, Sharon Gilbert, Kim Gregory, Cheryl Henderson,  Dawn Hendricks, Cori Hill, Brenda Hooper,  Kathy Hoover, Krystle McCabe, Sara Miller, Sharon Raver-Lampman, Sandy Wilberger,  Mira Cole Williams


Creating Connections to Shining Stars Conference

Purpose:  To provide a high quality, cross-sector early childhood conference for professionals serving all children ages birth to five and their families

Members:  Cathy Cook, Jaye Harvey, Cheryl Henderson, Cori Hill (conference co-chairs), Deana Buck, Toni Cacace-Beshears, Selina Flores, Bethany Geldmaker,  Dawn Hendricks, Kristen Ingram, Pat Kennedy, Karen Lange, Pat Popp, Jodi Roberts,  Margaret Vaughan, Peggy Watkins, Sandy Wilberger, Lynn Wiley


Regional Consortia

Purpose: To provide support to the five VCPD regional consortia (Central, Eastern, Northern, Piedmont, and Western) and assure communication from the full VCPD to and among the regional consortia

Members: Selina Flores (convener), Peggy Watkins,  Kristen Ingram,  Lynn Wiley, Debi Stepien,  Cathy Cook, Mary Tobin, Kim Thomason, Katie Thompson (Regional Facilitators), Pamela Houck, Clarissa Kolodzinki, Kristi Carter, Janet Owen, Susanne Rakes   (Child Care Aware Administrative Support Staff)


Inclusive Practices

Purpose: To promote and sustain high quality inclusive practices in early childhood settings.

Members: Dawn Hendricks and Sandy Wilberger (conveners), Kim Sopko (ECPC TA Consultant), Mark Allan, Deana Buck, Senovia Cones, Kristen Dulaney, Tracy Edman, Amy Fieldman, Bethany Geldmaker, Dawn Harvey, Cori Hill, Aleta Lawson, Melissa Modarressi, Sara Miller, Lori Padgett, Caren Phipps, Gauri Shirali-Deo, Andrea Sobel, Debi Stepien, Mary Tobin, Mira Cole Williams