WingspanLogo_colorWingspan is dedicated to fostering young children’s social-emotional development and healthy decision-making. Evidence-based, nationally recognized programs and training strengthen the abilities of early childhood professionals to teach children ages 3-8 years to express feelings appropriately, use kind words, get along with others, use self-control, think independently, accept differences, solve problems peacefully, cope, and make safe and healthy choices.

Wingspan’s wide array of workshops offers practical strategies that all early childhood educators, child care providers, other community-based professionals, and parents can easily incorporate into daily interactions with children. Topics range from bullying prevention to fostering positive adult-child relationships to addressing challenging behavior. Workshops are tailored to meet the needs of staff and can range from 1 hour to day-long sessions. Workshops and program training are offered in two formats – face-to-face and live webinars.

Trainers have expertise in children’s social-emotional development and the positive guidance of young children’s behavior, as well as adult education and experiential learning. They bring a variety of educational backgrounds and professional experiences in early childhood education and care, child development, parent education, and mental health and wellness that they incorporate into their training. Extensive skill-building is provided for educators who implement Wingspan programs like Al’s Pals.

At the core of Wingspan training is the importance of warm, supportive interactions between adults and children. This premise is similar to that of the Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS) which assesses the quality of such interactions. Wingspan’s combined training and materials provide an effective framework for early childhood professionals to establish nurturing relationships with children while developing children’s social competence, self-regulation, thinking abilities, and language skills. To view a crosswalk between Wingspan programs/training and the CLASS domains, click here.

Through AcornDreams, Wingspan offers more practical tips and research-based materials for parents, mental health professionals, and other caregivers that help foster children’s positive behavior and lay the foundation for success in school and in life.

Wingspan staff are available to discuss, create, and conduct professional development to meet a wide range of needs. Please feel free to contact Wingspan at 804-967-9002.