Thumb Ball

Thumb Ball may be used as a memory refresher (review strategy) and/or an energy recharger.



Set of content-related questions

Beach ball or balloon with numerals 1-10 (or the number of your questions) written with a permanent marker.

Thumb Balls are available for purchase at


Ask participants to come to an open area of the room.

Have a set of content-related questions available on a PowerPoint slide. Alternatively, distribute a list of questions to be read by a volunteer, or distribute index cards with individual questions to multiple volunteer readers.

Toss the ball to a participant.

When the ball is caught, the catcher tells the numeral closest to her right thumb.

The catcher answers the question on the list corresponding to the numeral, or for a non-threatening approach, anyone in the room may answer the question.

Once the question is answered, the catcher tosses the ball to another participant.

Continue playing until all questions are answered.