Cards & Dice

Cards and Dice Revister or Energizer Game

Materials: set of dice for each table, set of playing cards 1-9 (or index cards) for each team, questions

Form teams (ideally 2-5 people each). Teams stand on opposite sides of a table.
Place a set of playing cards 1-9 (or index cards numbered 1-9) face up on the table in front of each team.
Alternate asking questions to the teams. If answered correctly, the team may roll the dice and turn over a card or cards to add to total on the dice.
Teams may turn over multiple cards. For example, if the team rolled 9, they could turn over 9, 3 &6, 1&8, 3&1&5, 2&7
At the end of the game, the team with the fewest number of cards wins.