Home Visiting Consortium Conference: Investing from the Start

On October 29, 2013 the Home Visiting Consortium held its first conference, Home Visiting: Investing From the Start, at the Omni Richmond Hotel, in Richmond, Virginia. The day consisted of 3 keynote speakers, Dr David Willis, Dr Robert Dugger, and Dr. Melissa Brodowsky.  Morning and afternoon workshop presentations included topics such as adult brain research, cultural competency, impact of trauma,  the affordable care act, integrating behavioral health risk screening, the early childhood mental endorsement process, home visitors and the medical home, advocacy and sustainability, integrating training into practice, and effective models for integrating mental health services into home visiting programs.  In addition to the workshops attendees participated in a  Community Café where they had the opportunity to discuss their success and challenges in areas such as using social media in home visiting, involving and engaging fathers, sustainability strategies, partnering with childcare centers, engagement and retention of staff, an innovative outreach and marketing strategies.   The conference was an overwhelming success with 328 people in attendance with representation from each of the 5 regions.



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